Monday, October 13, 2014

Evening Makeup in Black and Gold Eyeshadow

Evening makeup, is  a very interesting style to do. When you have the know how in doing an evening makeup, it will be easier to do a bit more complicated makeup look.

An evening makeup look using Black and Gold eyeshadow, is an elegant style. It matches a smart casual and formal attire. It complements both fair,olive and mulatto skinned women.

In order to achieve this makeup style, always remember that you should have a flawless skin.

Here's how to achieve the evening makeup in Black and Gold Eyeshadow:

1.Start with a good makeup base:Apply liquid foundation all over your face and blend well. Follow it up with a two way powder. And then reapply powder under the eyes to cover dark circles. Powder makes a good concealer too.

2.Now for the fun part, eyeshadow application: Start with the gold. Apply antique gold from the lash line up until your brow bone. And then follow it up with a deep black eyeshadow on the eye socket, applying it with a swiping motion,starting from the outer corner up to the inner corner of the eyes near the nose bridge.
To make your eyes look defined, Using the same deep black eyeshadow, thinly line your eyes,near the lashes. Do the same on your lower lids. Apply lengthening mascara if you have short thick lashes, for long thin lashes, apply volumizing mascara.

3.For the cheek color sweep a tan colored blusher from the hairline down to your cheek bones and blend.

4. for the lip color, Apply a Bronzy Brown lipstick.

Products used to achieve this Evening Makeup in Black and Gold Eyeshadow:

1. L'Oreal True Match liquid foundation.
2. Fashion 21 face powder.

3. Aily makeup set.
4. Maybelline Magnum mascara.
5. Aido mini lipstick number 5.

Note: You don't have to wear the same makeup brands indicated on this blog,in achieving this evening makeup in black and gold eyeshadow. You can wear whichever are available to you.