Monday, October 13, 2014

Evening Makeup in Black and Gold Eyeshadow

Evening makeup, is  a very interesting style to do. When you have the know how in doing an evening makeup, it will be easier to do a bit more complicated makeup look.

An evening makeup look using Black and Gold eyeshadow, is an elegant style. It matches a smart casual and formal attire. It complements both fair,olive and mulatto skinned women.

In order to achieve this makeup style, always remember that you should have a flawless skin.

Here's how to achieve the evening makeup in Black and Gold Eyeshadow:

1.Start with a good makeup base:Apply liquid foundation all over your face and blend well. Follow it up with a two way powder. And then reapply powder under the eyes to cover dark circles. Powder makes a good concealer too.

2.Now for the fun part, eyeshadow application: Start with the gold. Apply antique gold from the lash line up until your brow bone. And then follow it up with a deep black eyeshadow on the eye socket, applying it with a swiping motion,starting from the outer corner up to the inner corner of the eyes near the nose bridge.
To make your eyes look defined, Using the same deep black eyeshadow, thinly line your eyes,near the lashes. Do the same on your lower lids. Apply lengthening mascara if you have short thick lashes, for long thin lashes, apply volumizing mascara.

3.For the cheek color sweep a tan colored blusher from the hairline down to your cheek bones and blend.

4. for the lip color, Apply a Bronzy Brown lipstick.

Products used to achieve this Evening Makeup in Black and Gold Eyeshadow:

1. L'Oreal True Match liquid foundation.
2. Fashion 21 face powder.

3. Aily makeup set.
4. Maybelline Magnum mascara.
5. Aido mini lipstick number 5.

Note: You don't have to wear the same makeup brands indicated on this blog,in achieving this evening makeup in black and gold eyeshadow. You can wear whichever are available to you.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Eyeshadow Types

A makeup newbie sometimes find it hard to buy an eyeshadow. Due to the simple reason that there are a lot of choices,and it can be confusing. There are various eyeshadow types to choose from,and if someone is just starting to wear an eyeshadow to make her look more defined and attractive,she has to know what particular eyeshadow type suits her.

I am going to site examples of different eyeshadow types here,wherein you can be guided accordingly before purchasing an eyeshadow. The information stated here can help to avoid wasting money in eyeshadow shopping.

Eyeshadow Types to consider:

1. The Matte finish Eyeshadow : This Eyeshadow type is, free of glitter and shimmer. It is dry in texture and it is always packed as a cake powder. It is best worn during daytime events, such as corporate events, Weddings, Photo shoots and Luncheon meetings. The matte finish eyeshadow, is best suited for women who are already in their golden years.

2. The Prism/Prismatic Eyeshadow: This eyeshadow type is my latest favorite because, It is  versatile. It is highly pigmented and yet not too loud when applied, therefore it can be worn during the day and night. It is packed as a cake powder but then it is cream or mousse like when applied on to the skin. It suits all skin types too.

3. The Eyeshadow Cream Pencil: This can be compared to the versatility of the prism eyeshadow and another quality of this eyeshadow is, it is handy.

4. Then the last but not the least among my recommendation is the Loose eyeshadow powder: Teenagers and young adults dig this eyeshadow type. Because it is shimmery and glittery too. This is best worn for a night out and parties.

The Brands Featured Here Are:

I. Matte Finish
Everbilena Eyeshadow Kit
Monaliza Series

II. The Prism Eye shadows
JE' Color
 Kiss Beauty and  Bellespa

III. The Eyeshadow Cream Pencil
JE' Color

IV. The Loose Eyeshadow Powder

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lavender and Black Soft Smokey Eye

I love it! when Ber months come. This is when people are already starting to have Christmas day countdown. One of the exciting part when Christmas is coming soon, is the new makeup trends for the happiest season of the year. Surely you ladies out there, are all excited to know what is the best makeup style to try now and until the Christmas season comes.

I've done this makeup style just today, when I went to church and had lunch with my hubby afterwards. I decided to put it up here because, I like to share  how I came up with this style to my blog visitors and friends. This look is not complicated at all in fact if you are into makeup for quite a while now, it is easy as ABC or 123!

Here are the steps on how to recreate the Lavender and Black Soft Smokey Eye:

1.Always remember to make your skin look fresh, clean and even by applying a good quality makeup base. I applied a creamy pressed powder,starting on the T-Zone and then blended it well, because no one likes to look like the corpse's bride right? :-) And then I applied it on the rest of my face down to the jawline and upper portion of my neck.

2.Now for the fun part which is also my favorite,whenever I put makeup on. The eyeshadow application. Using my pointed tip sponge applicator,I swiped and blended a luminous Lavender e/s from the roots of my upper eyelids till it reaches beneath my eyebrows. Now to make my eyes look dramatic,using the same sponge tip applicator, I patted a charcoal black powder e/s on the 3/4 outer corner of my eyes and then patted it with a powder puff to diffuse the sharpness of the black color to make it suitable for daytime too. Lastly to make it look sparkly I applied the luminous Lavender e/s on the inner corner of my lower lids and then lined the entire lower lids with the charcoal black e/s. I applied 2 thin coats of Black mascara due to it's thick texture.

3.I swiped a bright pink blush on the hollows of my cheeks and then highlighted it with a moist brightening powder ball in Gold Caviar.

4.To complete the look, I swiped a nude peach toned liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick is thick and long lasting, that is why it looks dark on the photos.

The Tools for the Lavender and Black Soft Smokey Eye look are:
1. Fashion 21 pressed powder
2. Meis Eyeshadow professional makeup artist pallet
3. Bellespa Eyeshadow Pallet number 5
4. Aily(Gibilinay) Eyeshadow and Blush kit number 1 ( Not included on the photo)
5. Maybelline Magnum Mascara (Not included on the photo)
6. Kiss Beauty 24 hours Lip gloss with Vitamins C/E

The list of beauty tools written here, are just part of the information of my tutorial. You do not have to purchase the same products which I used here, to come up with this make up style. Do use the makeup which you already own. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Purple N' Blue Eye Makeup Look

I have a makeup pal,her name is Toni. She loves to wear colored eyeshadow and dark colored lipstick. Making her wear light makeup would be a complete torture. I admire her boldness when it comes to makeup application.She is not afraid to experiment new looks. And to add to that, she is also my makeup sponsor every now and then . I am certain that when I share this eye makeup look to her,she'll love it.

The makeup tools I used to come up with this look are as follows:

1. Aquamarine Blue, Deep Purple cake cream e/s and frosted white from Qianyu New Attraction 12 color Pallet.
2. Maybelline Magnum Mascara
3. Brownie Rose Blush shade from Monaliza series Professional Makeup. 
4. Aido # 6 mini lipstick

The Purple N' Blue eye makeup look is  not complicated to do.Here are the steps to re create this look:

After  applying makeup base, I applied the Aquamarine Blue from the inner corner of my upper lid up to the center. And then I followed it up with the Deep Purple from the outer corner up to the center,without overlapping the two colors. For highlight, I applied frosted white on my eye crease blending it up beneath my eyebrows.I lined my lower lash line with the same deep purple e/s using a slim tip brush. I finished the look with one generous coat of black volumizing mascara.

I complemented the Purple N' Gold eye makeup look with an earthy pink cheek color and a medium toned moisture purple lip color.

Wearing Purple N' Blue eyeshadow shouldn't scare off the minimalists, because it is also interesting to try
this kind of makeup look. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Makeup brands Made in China

 Make up made from mainland China, became popular in the Filipino bargain  malls in the late 90's. It was a former co- volunteer church worker, who introduced me to the makeup products which are made in China.I trust my co-volunteer's recommendation because she is the type of person who is not easily convinced,unless she tried it herself. Therefore I asked her where she bought the make up she showed me. And then  she was kind enough to give me the directions,where to buy it. When I reached the mall to buy the makeup made in China, I really had a field day! I bought lipsticks and eyeshadows. From that time on until now, whenever I go to bargain malls, specialty shops, beauty supply stores and beauty bazaars, I purchase a makeup product made in China. No matter I've heard negative reports about their products, I wasn't bothered since I found out myself, that their products are good and easy on the budget. The makeup products made in China are also available in different parts of the globe. Like Malaysia,Saudi Arabia and in some parts of Europe.

Here are the lists of Makeup brands which are made in China that I purchased:
1.Qianyu eyeshadow pallet
 2.Aily  makeup kit
 3. Bellespa eyeshadow pallet
 4. Meis eyeshadow pallet
 5.Miss Beauty moisture lipstick
 6.Heng Fang Mascara
 7.Romantic Beauty Magazine
 8. Je' Colors

 The brands which are made in China that are included on this list are currently available in the market. Do not be scared to give it a try grab one now!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Enhance the Natural Beauty 2

The health and wellness product providers have been thriving for a number of years now,due to the fact that people in this generation would like to live a longer and healthier life.
Despite of the existence of fast food chains, Many of us have already begun choosing a healthier route. I am not saying, that I no longer eat in a fast food chain. Of course I still do! I love KFC,I enjoy having breakfast at McDonald's and  I love Shakey's pizza. In fact I am connected to a pizza supplier too. But the difference is, I no longer indulge in these kinds of food. Now I exercise portion control. Another yet difficult decision I made is, I do not drink sodas anymore.

Here are some  simple tips on How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty:

1. Replace Coca -Cola and other carbonated drinks with juice drinks. Juice drinks contains vitamins that are beneficial for the body. You can have the option to adjust it's sweetness.

2. Drink Water Regularly- Water is good for the skin and most of all it flushes out toxins from the body.

3. Exercise Portion Control- You don't have to deprive yourself with what you enjoy eating. But please just eat enough portion to curve your craving.

4 Do some walking- It is good for the heart and it reduces fat.

5. Drink Moderately don't get drunk.

6. Most important of all, Spend time in meditation. I am a Born Again Christian, one reason why I always look vibrant is, I make time in prayer and Bible reading.
These are simple and good foundations on how to enhance your natural beauty.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Gold and Coffee Brown Eye Makeup

One of the best look I've done yet is the Soft Gold and Coffee Brown Eye Makeup. It is not intense and yet it is not subtle. The look is suitable for everyone, especially to those who prefer the barely there eye makeup look. Here's how it was done...

First of you have to have a good makeup base to keep the colors intact. I used a two way cake powder in natural.
Secondly apply a yellow gold cream e/s with a round tip sponge applicator, from the lash line until the brow bone. Blend the e/s well to diffuse the brightness and make it look more natural.
Thirdly apply a coffee brown prism e/s from the lash line up to the eye crease and slightly extend above it.
On the inner corner of the lower lash line, apply the yellow gold cream e/s to brighten the eyes with a synthetic eye liner brush, finish the eye makeup look line the outer corner of the lower lash line with a matte black e/s

This eye makeup look is best paired with a coral blush and an apricot lip color.

I did not indicate the make up brands I used to do this look, because I am pretty sure those who would like to try this look, have their own preferred makeup brands.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Makeup Brushes Tools of The Trade Part 3

Every beauty enthusiast and beauty stylist knows that, to be able to come up with various attractive looks, 
Proper makeup brushes or tools are ought to be available. I have discussed in 2 of my previews posts about the types of brushes and it's uses. I'ts  about the 5 piece brush  and 7 piece brush set. In connection with that, I find it beneficial for everyone who view my blog, to read additional information about this subject matter.

Now for those who are bold and brave in experimenting on different looks, a brush set with a larger number of pieces is an advantage. Let us talk about the 12 piece brush set.

The additional brushes in a 12 piece set are as follows:

The Fan Brush: it is used to clean up makeup particles specially under the eyes. It can also be  used to contour the hollows of the cheeks.

The Angled Blush Brush: It is good for creating an a illusion of a chiseled face or emphasizing the cheekbones. It is good to use in creating an excellent heart or oval shape from a round or square shaped face.

The Spoolie/Mascara wand : Just how it is called is already self explanatory. It is used to apply mascara and it can be used to comb the eye lashes after applying mascara on.

The eye shader brush : It is used when you apply the base color of  the eye makeup. It is also used in highlighting the under eye area.

The eyeliner brush: It is used to apply a liquid, gel, powder eye liner.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Makeup Set a Must Have for Beauty Enthusiasts and Makeup Experts

A make up set  is a must have, for beauty enthusiasts and makeup experts. Aside from the attractive packaging, the array of colors are exciting to try. For practical reasons, there are various types to choose from which is very beneficial and fun for makeup aficionados.

There are complete makeup kit with eyeshadow and blush on in one and eyeshadow professional kit, which is a combination of Matte finish and Satin finish of earth tones, metallic and plum shades.

The makeup set is available at the mall, beauty supply store, local specialty store and online beauty stores. There are makeup sets for every woman who loves to have fun, learn and enhance their makeup skills. The samples below are MAC complete professional makeup kit, which I purchased from a friend and then the Fashion 21 color set which was a Christmas gift from a family friend...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The 2 Types of Makeup Brushes

In the last 2 blog posts, I have discussed about the different makeup brushes and it's uses.
In connection to my previews topic, I'd like to share about the 2 types of makeup brushes and how it can be effectively used. Makeup beginners may sometimes wonder why, there are 2 types of makeup brushes. No need to get confused anymore because I am going to provide the details here.

The 2 Types of Makeup Brushes:

1. The animal haired makeup brushes: These type of makeup brushes are best used for cake and powder,and mineral based makeup. 

2. The synthetic makeup brushes: These type of makeup brushes are best used for liquid,cream, mousse and gel based makeup.

The 2 types of makeup brushes are not hard to find. It can be purchased in all leading makeup stores and local beauty stores. There are array of brands to choose, from high end, high street and affordable brands.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Makeup Brushes The Tools of the Trade part 2

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast, a novice makeup artist or an experienced makeup artist, having the proper tools in creating a fantastic makeup look is the most important.
This is my second installment on my Makeup Brushes The Tools of the Trade blog post. 
I am certain that  the information you're gonna get from here is going to be helpful to you.

This time I am going to discuss about the 7 piece brush set:

1. The eye shader and blending brush - This brush is used to apply eyeshadow color and for blending each color to make it look natural and beautiful on your eye.
2. The pointed tip brush. This brush is very practical because it can be used both as an eyeliner and lip brush. ( Please do clean the brush with a wet wipe when you're going to use it both ways.)
3. The eyebrow brush with comb - The name itself explains it all. It is used to tame the brows and keep it's shape.
4. The sponge applicator - This is an eyeshadow applicator which is angled on both sides and it has a pointed tip. The sponge applicator is very versatile because it can be used on both powder,cream and mousse eye shadows. It can be used as an eyeliner applicator as well due to it's pointed tip.
5. The Blush and Powder Brush - This brush can be used on both cake blush and loose powder blush, face powder and loose powder.
6. The eyeshadow contour brush - This is used to apply the darkest E/S color on the eyes to create depth and make the eyes look more expressive.
7. The Angled Brush - This is used to apply eye liner or eyebrow cake powder.

When you have these makeup brushes, learning makeup application would be fun and easy. You can experiment on different makeup styles.
Makeup Brushes are the Tools of the Trade in creating fantastic makeup looks, are available in local stores and in all beauty stores. It is sold individually and in sets. Anybody can find an array of makeup brushes even online.
The 7 piece brush set is available in all leading cosmetic stores and online....
Makeup Brushes the tools of the trade are a pretty good investment for every woman who has the desire to learn and grow their skill in makeup application...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

J.Lo American Idol Season 13 Inspired Makeup Style

J.Lo's back in American Idol season 13!! the number 1 attention getter in that talent search show is the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. She always reinvents herself since the day she started, as one of the judges in AI. I think all the viewers of American Idol are glued to their television screen just to gaze and admire her beauty.
J.Lo at 44 hasn't showed any evidence that she has aged! indeed this woman is very beautiful.
I'm very certain that you love to get her makeup look in American Idol Season 13. Therefore I've done an easy to follow steps on how you can recreate J.Lo's look in AI season 13. However this is my personal interpretation of Jennifer Lopez's look in AI season 13. We  don't look exactly alike, I didn't try hard to look like her. The purpose of this tutorial, is to achieve a comparative look of J.Lo in American Idol Season 13.

We all now J.Lo's makeup is always flawless and it has a healthy glow. Here are the steps to achieve that:
1. Conceal under eye circles and other facial unwanted spots with a cream concealer then blend well.
2. Apply liquid foundation with a shade that is almost like your natural skin tone.
3. With a use of a powder brush apply an orange toned powder on your face to create a tannish skin finish but not too much.

To achieve J.Lo's expressive eyes:
1. Apply a silver gray E/S on the lash line up to the crease.
2. With a swiping motion, apply a charcoal gray E/S on the crease starting from the outer corner to the inner corner .
3.Highlight the brow bone with platinum white E/S.
4. With an angled brush or pointed tip brush, slightly dampen your brush with water and dip it in jet black powder E/S or cake eyeliner. line your upper and lower lash line near the lashes.
5.Groom your eyebrows then apply a natural brown shade of brow powder or brow pencil.
6.Curl your lashes then apply a volumizing and lengthening mascara in any color you prefer. If you wish to add false eyelashes, do so.

To have a natural sun kissed glow like J.Lo
Apply a rosy pink on to the apples of your cheeks then follow it up with a glitter powder on your cheek bones.

To finish the look: Apply a natural pink lipstick. You can try this technique as well. Apply concealer on your lips and then apply a bright red shade of lipstick then top it with a clear gloss.

My personal take on J.Lo's American Idol Season 13 inspired Makeup Style:

 The image below are the tools I used to recreate the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez's look:

 Jennifer Lopez's different makeup  looks gives American Idol viewers to get more excited in watching the show. I hope those who gets to read this post will enjoy it too and learn from this tutorial.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Makeup Brushes the Tools of the Trade

Makeup artistry is a pretty interesting craft to learn. Bringing out the God given beauty of a woman, to make her feel special is quite an achievement. Getting paid for doing makeup is a huge bonus to me. Makeup is a tool to boost one's confidence and it is a way of helping a woman learn to appreciate herself. 

The question is how can we effectively apply makeup on our faces? That is a very valid question: 
Therefore what you're going to read on this post is about Makeup brushes the tools of the trade in
achieving a fantabulous makeup look.

There are 5 Basic makeup brushes which you can begin with until you achieved the excellence in your craft. Do take note that even though you have grown your skill in makeup artistry, it is still important to go back to the basics.

1. The eye shader and blending brush - This brush is used to apply eyeshadow color and for blending each color to make it look natural and beautiful on your eye.
2. The pointed tip brush. This brush is very practical because it can be used both as an eyeliner and lip brush. ( Please do clean the brush with a wet wipe when you're going to use it both ways.)
3. The eyebrow brush with comb - This name itself explains it all. It is used to tame the brows and keep it's shape.
4. The sponge applicator - This is an eyeshadow applicator which is angled on both sides and it has a pointed tip. The sponge applicator is very versatile because it can be use on both powder,cream and mousse eye shadows. It can be used as an eyeliner applicator as well due to it's pointed tip.
5. The Blush and Powder Brush - This brush can be used on both cake blush and loose powder blush, face powder and loose powder.

Makeup Brushes the Tools of the Trade in creating  a fantabulous makeup look are available in local stores and in all beauty stores. It is sold individually and in sets. Anybody can find an array of makeup brushes.  

The image below is a sample of a 5 piece set brush:

Makeup Brushes The Tools of the Trade part 2 is about the 7 piece brush set and the 2 types of makeup brushes. Watch out for it....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Purple in Wild Orchid Makeup Tutorial

Wild Orchid is this year's color. For purple color lovers just like me, I'd like to say, this is my year!!

Let me share the Purple in Wild Orchid makeup I've done yesterday, when I was in church. Yes you read it right, I wore it in church yesterday. Going to church can be fun too you know?
Alright I won't keep you waiting here are the steps in doing  makeup with a purple wild orchid style.First here are my recommended shades for this look:

For the makeup base just gently swipe your face with a creamy face powder with a very good coverage and then follow it up with a concealer underneath the eyes to cover dark circles. Take note: Use concealer to cover unwanted facial spots as well to create a flawless finish.
Next thing to do is when you have a bushy eye brows have it groomed or you can groom it yourself with a tweezers. 
let's go to the most exciting part the eye makeup. Apply a matte medium toned purple e/s from the lash line up to the eye crease. To create depth apply acai or a deep dark purple on to the outer corner of the eye forming a slanted  v shape on both eyes. 
It suppose to look like these on each eyes < > .
Using a pencil brush from the outer corner swipe the e/s upwardly into the inner 3/4 of your eyes, and then do likewise near the lash line to create the < > shape.
Line the lower lids with the Acai shade e/s.
Curl lashes and apply brown mascara. Black can also be used.
Wear a wine toned blush color applying it onto the apples of your cheeks.
Lastly swipe a bright purple on your pucker.
Wild Orchid is a beautiful makeup style to do. It's fabulous for evenings....
Wild Orchid Makeup

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day to Night makeup in golden brown eyeshadow and orange brown lipstick

Creating a day to night makeup look, can be quite difficult especially for those, who are just beginning to learn the basics of makeup application. Most often, a beginner only does a daytime makeup and then when she has an evening event, what she does is redo her makeup. We all know that takes too much valuable time.

Now there is no need to get stressed out  in creating a day to night  makeup look.
Just follow the simple steps I'm going to show you and your good to go.
Do take note that whenever you put on makeup, always do the CTM. The CTM means: Cleansing,Toning and Moisturizing. However, if your skin type is oily, you may skip the last part which is moisturizing....

Day to Night  makeup steps to follow:

1. For the eyes, the most versatile color aside from black is brown. To create a day to night time makeup look, consider the color shades, you are going to use.  For this look, I recommend a natural golden brown E/S applied from the lash roots up to slightly beyond the crease. Then apply a wheat ( a gold vanilla shade) E/S underneath the brow for high light. For the final touches, thinly line your upper and lower lids with either of these 3: a black powder shadow, gel liner or liquid liner, using an eye liner brush to make it more precise. Follow it up by curling your lashes and applying neither a lengthening or volumizing mascara.
IF you have bushy eyebrows, groom it with a tweezers or with an eyebrow shaver.

2. Enhance your cheekbones by swiping an apricot shade blush on to your cheekbones blending it towards your hairline.

3.  The lip color you  put on, must be carefully chosen due to the lip color you wear on the day to night time look, can neither make or break the appeal of your makeup look. 
That's why,  ought to choose an orange brown or if you like to go more natural, put on a nude peach lip color instead.

Coming up with a day to night time makeup look, shouldn't be stressful  but  joyful....

The products I've worn for the day to night time makeup look are as follows:
1. A&W two way powder
2. Qianyu  12 prismatic eyeshadow palette.( I added the word prismatic due to the texture of the e/s.)
3. Monaliza mono blush color
4. Aily eyeshadow and blush palette
5. Aido mini lipstick in number 12

 6. Meis 10 color eyeshadow palette
 7. Fashion 21 Mascara ( Not included in the photos)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cat's eye makeup in Purple, Gold and Pearly White

The Cat's eye makeup style, is one of the most favorited among the fashionistas due to the fact, that it makes the eyes look more dramatic and expressive. 
I am very certain that every  woman who are into makeup, would love to learn how to do The Cat's eye makeup style. The steps I am going to share here are easy to follow. 
Perhaps even a novice in makeup can do it too.

Here are the simple steps to follow in recreating the Cat's eye makeup style:

1. After prepping the eyes with makeup base. Apply an orange gold e/s from the upper eyelid blending it upward till slightly beyond the eye fold/eye crease.

2. Apply and blend a deep purple eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes, starting from the inner corner to the outer corner upwardly.

3.To add glow, highlight the eyes applying a pearlized white e/s right underneath your brow bone.

4. To add drama, line your upper and lower lashes with a creamy black powder e/s. 
You can also wear liquid liner or Gel eyeliner.

5. Curl lashes and swipe 2 coats of black mascara.

These are the easy steps how I came up with the Cat's eye makeup style in Purple,Gold and Pearly White.

Here are the products I used when I made The Cat's eye makeup style: The lip color you see on this photo is included as a suggestion to what lip color you can wear to match the eye makeup.

1. Qianyu 5 eyeshadow palette Orange Gold E/S
2. Cameleon makeup collection Deep Purple E/S
3. Miss Beauty Crystal Brightening Kohl Pearly White E/S
4. Maybelline Superlash Mascara
5. Black E/S for eyeliner not included in the photo

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Makeup Issues(Makeup Brand Snobs)

The typical mindset of a makeup snob consumer is,
when the brand is expensive, the quality is good. When the makeup brand is inexpensive, it is scary to purchase it, because it might cause skin breakouts, allergic reaction on your skin etcetera etcetera... Let me tell you, the quality of the makeup is not only found in it's brand name. Because even though you bought a high end brand it cannot be concluded that it's good, until you've tried it on your face. According to the Icon in the beauty industry, Mr.Fanny Serrano, there are many unrecognized cosmetic brands that are very good, when applied on the facial skin. I agree with Mr.Fanny Serrano, because as a makeup aficionado, I have tried and tested a variety of makeup brands. From High End brands, High Street Brand and even unrecognized brands which can only be purchased from a local specialty store and beauty supply shop. Surprisingly the quality of the unrecognized brands are equally satisfying for me. Here are the 2 factors that you ought to consider before labeling the quality of the makeup: 1.Do you wear makeup regularly? There are women, who seldom wear makeup,that causes initial skin irritation when makeup is applied on their face. 2.Is your skin highly sensitive? There are women who's skin are highly sensitive, therefore they cannot wear makeup constantly and they have to choose what type of makeup products to purchase. Here are the basic makeup issues to deal with. But it doesn't have to be a reason to stop enjoying the variety makeup brings.

Parabens in Makeup Products

myLot User Profile

There is a controversy about a particular makeup ingredient, called Parabens.
As a makeup artist, I punched into my computer keyboard, to perform a search about Parabens. I was able to read about it in Wikipedia.

To simply define parabens, It is a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It is an ingredient found in makeup products. The Benefit of Parabens in cosmetics is that it prolongs the shelf life of the product and it preserves it from contamination. There were news circulating that parabens is harmful due to the alleged findings, that it mimics female estrogen and it causes cancer. But then another news circulated, refuting the said findings. My conclusion to this issue is that before we believe anything, let's dig in further and as a consumer, we have to be wise in buying our makeup, so that we will get our money's worth and we will avoid endangering our health...