Saturday, September 12, 2009

Makeup Shopping; A Practical Reminder

I know most of us when we go to the mall, we cannot wait to go to the makeup counter and try on new products and do our makeup spending. Going to a makeup up counter for a makeup junkie like me, is like bringing a kid into a fancy candy store, or bringing a kid to Toys R Us. We can fully enjoy our makeup spending without really using up all of our cash. You might think that is a contradicting statement, we're gonna go makeup spending and yet we will not use up all our money? Believe me yes we can.

Here are the factors to consider when you go for a makeup spending:

1.Plan your budget.
2.Shop on products that is within your budget. In that way you get to buy as many products as you can.
3.consider your lifestyle when you shop for makeup. That is how you get to plan how much you're gonna spend.
Ex.If you are a regular student, it is not advisable for you to spend a $50 - $100 worth of makeup. If you are working in a top corporate company that is when you can buy makeup with such a price or if you have an active social life and if your work involves T.V. appearances, photo shoots etc.
4.Shop for products that suits your skin tone and skin type.
5.Shop for products that you will use for a long time. Example. Instead of buying mono eyeshadow pots and mono blush on pots, opt for a complete makeup kit set,that contains eyeshadow and blush on in one kit.You are going to benefit more because you can practice color application.
6.Most of all if you are just starting to wear  makeup bring a friend who has been wearing makeup for quite a long time to assist with your makeup shopping.

Makeup shopping is a delightful way for a friendly or sisterly bonding. Make it fulfilling without breaking you wallet and affecting your primary expenditures.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Woman's Simplicity

A woman's simplicity is about being her own person. She is confident about herself and her stature. She is not easily swayed by the trends and she is not affected by what other people say. She welcomes correction for self improvement when needed.

When it comes to fashion, she has her own fashion style.She does not go with the flow of the trends, because she creates her own fashion style. When it comes to beauty, she does not try hard to look like somebody else, because she strongly believes she is naturally beautiful all she has to do is to enhance it.

She is simple but very beautiful and appealing.

A woman's simplicity is not about looking gaudy and being clueless about fashion and beauty.It is not about being timid.

A woman's simplicity is being creative and being confident on her overall beauty.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Facial Care Beauty Care Products : To my dear site visitors

I would like to address my dear site visitors. I have nothing against purchasing facial care beauty products that are being advertised on TV,radio and magazines. Like I said on the first part of my blog about this topic was, I am also excited going to the mall and go shopping to buy facial care beauty products.I shop till I drop :-) . Let me clarify, What I strongly disagree with is when, you buy the product without getting any recommendation from a trusted source, take for instance a friend or a professional beauty practitioner. If you do not have the time to consult somebody, you may buy the facial care beauty product in sample sizes to enable to try it and see the effect on your skin. I may sound cheap but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Our facial skin is one of the most important part of our body. Therefore it is important to choose what product to use. Consider the allergic reaction on your skin or if you have pimples it may aggravate it. Expensive facial care beauty products got excellent quality but is not a guarantee to be beneficial for everyone.There are less expensive products that are very very good and commendable.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Makeup For Weddings 2 The Pre-Wedding makeup trial

Makeup for weddings is my favorite. It is my joy to make the bride to be feel very special. I always see to it that I have a pre-wedding makeup trial with the soon to be bride before her wedding day. That is when I discuss with the bride how is she suppose to look on her wedding day. Most often my clients are not so well informed about makeup. Therefore I am there to assist them to find out what makeup would suit them on their wedding day.

First and foremost,what I do is, I set an appointment with the soon to be bride for a makeup trial. During the meet up, I do consultation first. I asked about the color scheme of the wedding, what is the style of the bridal gown, what time is the wedding. Then I inquire how she wishes to look on her wedding day. Most Filipina brides opt for simple and yet elegant look. All brides I have been with were less daring. So I always do the minimalist and yet polished bridal makeup style.

The pre -wedding makeup trial is very essential, because it is when, the makeup artist can give the bride to be the idea of how she would look. The bride to be can decide whether she is satisfied with the makeup look, or she requires some changes. This is also an advantage for the makeup artist because she gets more familiar with the bride to be's personality, her likes and dislikes and her lifestyle. It is essential for the bridal makeup artist to know these things. Through those information will the makeup artist base bride's makeup look.

Makeup for weddings doesn't have to be complicated. It is suppose to be enjoyed by makeup artists though it is the most crucial.

Watch out for my next installment. I've got many more things to share about this topic.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Basic Facial Care

Make up does magic but a woman should not neglect her Basic Facial Care regimen.
It is very vital for a woman to care for her facial skin.Even though she hires a top caliber makeup artist to do her makeup on special occasions but neglects caring for her skin, the makeup will not blend well on her skin and the result may not be as excellent as it should be.

I interviewed a facial therapist. She gave me 5 tips for the Basic Facial Care regimen.

1.Wash your face 2x a day with a mild soap with moisturizer.
2.Drink 6 to 8 glasses a day.
3.get enough sleep. fruits and vegetables because it is packed up with vitamins and nutrients.
5.Exfoliate twice a month.

These Basic facial care is easy to follow. I know it can bring out the best results for you and me.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Being beautiful is not only about makeup, it is about how a woman sees herself. Unfortunately most women and young ladies permits the society to require how they are suppose to look. It is very prevalent that beauty is based on what the society say. The social norm about beauty is,the world tells you what it means to be beautiful, until you learn to appreciate yourself and Embrace your Natural beauty,that is the only time you shall see yourself as beautiful.

To embrace your natural beauty is not only learning the proper technique in makeup application. It is making a decision of loving and being appreciative of yourself . I am not denying the fact that physical beauty is vital, I have nothing against being vain or being conscious of how you look all the time. What I am stressing here is that, A woman should not be dictated and get pressured to look different.

A woman should see herself as beautiful.She should find means to boost her self confidence by feeding her mind with inspiring thoughts, Befriending godly people,doing excellently in her field, most of all being connected with The One and The Only Great Creator.

To embrace your natural beauty is also about beautifying the heart and the mind.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Makeup For Weddings

Most often than not, women are always looking forward to attend weddings no matter how far the wedding is going to be held,what type of ceremony is it going to be. Weddings have always been an exciting event in a woman's life regardless whatever part she plays. Whether she is part of the entourage or one of the well wishers, Indeed she would really like to look fabulous on that day.

Makeup for Weddings may seem complicated but when you follow the simple steps I am going to give you, well your good to go.

Let me inform you what to avoid in Makeup for Weddings:

1. Avoid trendy makeup style. Makeup for weddings should be classic and sophisticated.
2. Avoid wearing electric blue, Bright Yellow,Hot Pink eye shadows etc.
3. Avoid Lipsticks that are too dark.
4. Avoid blushers that will make you look like as if you've been slapped on the face.

Here are the things you ought to do in Makeup for Weddings:

1. Do wear earth toned eye shadows. But if you desire to expand your color choices, you may wear purple hues,Pinks and metallic shades such as golden brown, bronze,silver gray and platinum. You may like to wear greens and corals but choose a matte formulation or not too frosted.
2. Do choose a lip color in the natural shade of pink.
3. Do wear a blush on in the shade of peach, pink, light brown or tan.
4. Do wear a dark brown eyeliner instead of black which can look very heavy.
5. Do curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara to make your eyes look more sparkling.

For the step by step application:
After cleaning and moisturizing the face, Apply a makeup primer light handedly on your T-Zone blend well. Then apply a liquid foundation only on the parts that needs coverage then blend. To set the makeup dust a loose powder.

Note: Make sure that you groomed your eyebrows.
Apply a medium tone of the eyeshadow of your choosing on the lower lids up to the brow bone. Follow it up with the darkest tone of the eyeshadow of your choosing on your eye crease swiping it with the use of the eyeshadow shading brush from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye crease. Then to add drama on your eyes, apply the lightest color on the middle of the upper eye lids blending it up to the eye crease. Apply the same lightest color just beneath the brow bone. Curl lashes and add 2 coats of dark brown mascara.

Apply a brown pink blush on from the apples of your cheeks up to the hairline. Highlight it with a satin pink blush on your cheekbones blend well.

Note: Make sure that your lips is moisturized before putting on your lipstick.

Apply lip color that is complementary to your blush on.

Use oil blotting paper or tissue instead of piling up face powder when your face gets oily.

I am confident that these tips I gave can help you to look fabulous.

Makeup for Weddings is my most favorite. Watch out for my second installment on this subject matter.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to have natural looking makeup

The primary factor on how to have a natural looking makeup is having a smooth and even skin.
Always remember that the face is like a flawless canvass. In attaining this, the first thing you have to do is to apply a makeup primer. You may use a concealer as a primer any formulation can work well, whether it is stick, cream and liquid concealer.

Apply concealer on your T-Zone then blend it in an upward motion using a sponge of good quality or a foundation brush with synthetic bristles. Proceed with foundation to even out skin, do not leave out the neck and ears. Demarcation line is no good. Lastly dust your face with translucent powder before you start with the color shading.Take note go easy on the foundation it should not be heavy.

Here are important pointers to keep in mind:

a.) Apply makeup primers that are suited for your skin tone.

b. ) Blend cream or liquid base with powder to bring about the flawless finish we are after. Apply and blend the cream or liquid foundation then finish it up with powder.
c.) Choose Browns and Neutral colors for the eye makeup. 

Do take note that, less is more is the principle of this makeup look.Therefore go easy on the eye makeup.
d.) Opt for peach and apricot cheek color.If you like a brighter cheek color, opt for a peach/coral, instead of bright pink.
e.) For the lips a soft orange and a chocolate pink looks really good...
These are the steps in attaining a natural makeup look. In exactly following these steps, A natural looking makeup  will be attained.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Camouflage Makeup

On my previews blog posts I always emphasized on appreciating ourselves and enhancing our natural beauty. I discouraged trying to look like someone you're not, but it is also understandable that there are imperfections we like to conceal. As a makeup artist I see to it my clients are going to look flawless and they will stand out after I do their makeup. It is my passion to transform regular looking women into lovely and elegant ladies without looking overly done.

It is important to know what imperfections to conceal. The most common are the under eye circles or under eye dark shadows, red blotches and pimples.

The camouflage makeup is very substantial in achieving the natural beauty makeup look. Before applying the eyeshadow,blusher and lipstick the face should appear flawless.

Now the camouflage is not complicated as it seems as long as you know the correct makeup base(foundation and concealer) for your skin tone and skin type.

For women with very fair complexion, the recommended makeup base are: Ivory, Sand, Natural and Light Beige . (please note I am not endorsing any products here. I am sharing what shades are suitable for women with fair complexion.)

For women with an olive or medium complexion, the recommended makeup base are: , Warm Natural, and Beige.
shades are suitable for women with olive or medium complexion.)

For women with dark complexion or mulatto, the recommended makeup base are: Mocha, Warm Beige and Almond.
( please note I am not endorsing any product brand here. I am sharing what shades are suitable for women with dark complexion.)

I have written what shades suits different skin tones. Let's go to the skin types.

Oily skin. Liquid, Cream, Gel and Cake powder foundation works well. Do take note powder foundation is essential during the summer.

Dry skin. Liquid, Cream and Gel foundation are highly recommended.

Combination skin. The same as with oily skin.

Normal skin. all formulation works well.

We already know what shades and formulation of the makeup bases to be used in creating a flaw less face.

Here are the simple steps to camouflage facial imperfections:

Under eye circles - dab a concealer on the dark circles and blend the concealer on the whole lower lids. Then pat a yellow powder or a very light green sheer powder to completely disguise the dark circles under the eyes. In doing this you make your eyes look sparkling and bright.

Red blotches and pimples - simply pat green concealer or green powder on the area where you have red blotches and pimples then blend well with a foundation.

Important Note: Be sure to dust with loose translucent powder after applying the foundation and concealer. It is for staying power and it makes the makeup blend well on the skin.

No Makeup Look

Natural beauty does not necessarily mean, you go bare faced because there is such a thing called the "No  Makeup look". It is a makeup style with minimal application resulting to an elegant you.

Many women out there, especially the teenagers wanted to look like somebody they are not. Our pop culture has a very strong influence of how everyone should look. We should all be reminded, we are already beautiful the way we are, as God created us, but we also have a responsibility in embellishing or amplifying our best facial features with No  Makeup Look style.

Identifying the best facial feature is important because it is the focal point of this particular makeup look. For example the eyes is the most attractive part of the face, that's what we should focus on. Choose an eyeshadow that will complement the natural eye color. If the eyes are blue, eyeshadow with purple hues are terrific. Earth tones can work well too. If the eyes are brown any color works well. Now the cheeks and lips should be low key.
Take Note: Since this is a no makeup look, Apply eyeshadow lighthandedly.Remember the purpose is to embellish or accentuate the eyes not to change how it looks. Avoid black eyeliner for this type of makeup style. Opt for dark brown instead. For the mascara do likewise.

If the lips is the most attractive part of the face then the lips should be the focal point keep the rest low key. For the no makeup look, the lip colors are shades of brown, Tan, Nude,Peach and Pink with a brown and nude undertone.

If the cheekbones is prominent, apply peach, Tan or brownish pink blush on and apply a little highlight just right above the blush on. Blend well to achieve a healthy glow.

To achieve a flawless makeup, choose a foundation and a concealer that matches your natural skin color. Choose a yellow based foundation. Go easy on the powder to avoid looking too cakey or fake.

It is advisable to wear a matte finish makeup or prism e/s for the no makeup look. Cream based makeup and liquid makeup can work well too.

Avoid frosted or glittery makeup for this particular look.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Enhance the Natural Beauty

All women have God given beauty. Now we have a responsibility to do our part, to enhance our natural beauty. The greatest contributing factor is our lifestyle. Makeup can definitely do magic but it is not enough if we do not take care of our bodies and skin properly.

First and foremost lemme enumerate the things we should avoid:

1.Smoking - The nicotine formulate a yellow coating on the teeth making it look dirty and unhealthy.
- We all know for a fact that it is very detrimental to our health.
- It darkens the color of our lips. It will surely give us a hard time finding the best lip color.

2. Alcohol Binging - It dries up the skin.

3. Not getting enough sleep. - Lack of sleep formulates dark shadows under the eyes and the most hated eye bags.

4. Going to bed without removing the makeup - we need to clean up our face before going to bed. Our skin needs to breath. Makeup should stay on the face for only a period of time, or else it will irritate the skin.

5. Buying products that is not beneficial for us.

6. Unbalanced diet.

Here are the things to enhance the natural beauty

1. Get enough sleep - when we have enough sleep, we are energized and much more alert. Our eyes look brighter. It sparkles.

2. Drink water,juices and ice tea - It improves digestion and it rejuvenates the skin. ( I based it on my own experience. I am sharing it with you. )

3. Do the CTM - Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Even if you are an excellent makeup artist in your own right but if you do not do the CTM, even occasionally, your makeup will not produce a spectacular result, because it will not blend well on your facial skin.

4. Buy skin care products suitable for your skin type and buy makeup that is suitable for your skin tone and skin type as well. Take note that the makeup you purchase is hypoallergenic .

5. Choose a diet plan that is personally effective.

6. Clean and remove makeup before bedtime. You may use baby wipes in removing your makeup.

7. Quit binging in alcohol and chain smoking that is detrimental to your health.

To enhance the natural beauty is not only about makeup application and buying the right makeup. It is choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

To enhance the natural beauty is to improve the way you look not change it.

To enhance the natural beauty means to improve your outlook in life not only the way you look.