Saturday, August 8, 2009

Makeup For Weddings 2 The Pre-Wedding makeup trial

Makeup for weddings is my favorite. It is my joy to make the bride to be feel very special. I always see to it that I have a pre-wedding makeup trial with the soon to be bride before her wedding day. That is when I discuss with the bride how is she suppose to look on her wedding day. Most often my clients are not so well informed about makeup. Therefore I am there to assist them to find out what makeup would suit them on their wedding day.

First and foremost,what I do is, I set an appointment with the soon to be bride for a makeup trial. During the meet up, I do consultation first. I asked about the color scheme of the wedding, what is the style of the bridal gown, what time is the wedding. Then I inquire how she wishes to look on her wedding day. Most Filipina brides opt for simple and yet elegant look. All brides I have been with were less daring. So I always do the minimalist and yet polished bridal makeup style.

The pre -wedding makeup trial is very essential, because it is when, the makeup artist can give the bride to be the idea of how she would look. The bride to be can decide whether she is satisfied with the makeup look, or she requires some changes. This is also an advantage for the makeup artist because she gets more familiar with the bride to be's personality, her likes and dislikes and her lifestyle. It is essential for the bridal makeup artist to know these things. Through those information will the makeup artist base bride's makeup look.

Makeup for weddings doesn't have to be complicated. It is suppose to be enjoyed by makeup artists though it is the most crucial.

Watch out for my next installment. I've got many more things to share about this topic.