Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Makeup Brushes Tools of The Trade Part 3

Every beauty enthusiast and beauty stylist knows that, to be able to come up with various attractive looks, 
Proper makeup brushes or tools are ought to be available. I have discussed in 2 of my previews posts about the types of brushes and it's uses. I'ts  about the 5 piece brush  and 7 piece brush set. In connection with that, I find it beneficial for everyone who view my blog, to read additional information about this subject matter.

Now for those who are bold and brave in experimenting on different looks, a brush set with a larger number of pieces is an advantage. Let us talk about the 12 piece brush set.

The additional brushes in a 12 piece set are as follows:

The Fan Brush: it is used to clean up makeup particles specially under the eyes. It can also be  used to contour the hollows of the cheeks.

The Angled Blush Brush: It is good for creating an a illusion of a chiseled face or emphasizing the cheekbones. It is good to use in creating an excellent heart or oval shape from a round or square shaped face.

The Spoolie/Mascara wand : Just how it is called is already self explanatory. It is used to apply mascara and it can be used to comb the eye lashes after applying mascara on.

The eye shader brush : It is used when you apply the base color of  the eye makeup. It is also used in highlighting the under eye area.

The eyeliner brush: It is used to apply a liquid, gel, powder eye liner.