Saturday, September 12, 2009

Makeup Shopping; A Practical Reminder

I know most of us when we go to the mall, we cannot wait to go to the makeup counter and try on new products and do our makeup spending. Going to a makeup up counter for a makeup junkie like me, is like bringing a kid into a fancy candy store, or bringing a kid to Toys R Us. We can fully enjoy our makeup spending without really using up all of our cash. You might think that is a contradicting statement, we're gonna go makeup spending and yet we will not use up all our money? Believe me yes we can.

Here are the factors to consider when you go for a makeup spending:

1.Plan your budget.
2.Shop on products that is within your budget. In that way you get to buy as many products as you can.
3.consider your lifestyle when you shop for makeup. That is how you get to plan how much you're gonna spend.
Ex.If you are a regular student, it is not advisable for you to spend a $50 - $100 worth of makeup. If you are working in a top corporate company that is when you can buy makeup with such a price or if you have an active social life and if your work involves T.V. appearances, photo shoots etc.
4.Shop for products that suits your skin tone and skin type.
5.Shop for products that you will use for a long time. Example. Instead of buying mono eyeshadow pots and mono blush on pots, opt for a complete makeup kit set,that contains eyeshadow and blush on in one kit.You are going to benefit more because you can practice color application.
6.Most of all if you are just starting to wear  makeup bring a friend who has been wearing makeup for quite a long time to assist with your makeup shopping.

Makeup shopping is a delightful way for a friendly or sisterly bonding. Make it fulfilling without breaking you wallet and affecting your primary expenditures.