Friday, May 28, 2010

Inexpensive Makeup Brands

Wow ! it's nice to be back after being away for 8 months. The last post I've made was about Makeup spending. I wrote some practical tips on how you can get your money's worth on purchasing makeup.

I'd like to follow up my previous post by giving awareness, that there are inexpensive Makeup Brands with excellent quality.

These brands are for the practical makeup savvy just like me.

I am gonna give you a list of my top favorite brands. Please take note that some brands I'm gonna mention are not available in the U.S.

Here are my top favorites:
1. Fashion 21/Aido cosmetics
2. Elf cosmetics
3. Everbilena/Careline
4. Avon Color
5. G- Lish
6. The Color Workshop
7. Nichido
8. San San
9. Wet and Wild
10. Maybelline

These are my top inexpensive makeup brands. These inexpensive makeup brands and yet high in quality are what I usually purchase. Feel free to share if you have other inexpensive makeup brands to recommend.