Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blush and Glow Christmas Party Makeup

Christmas is the best time of the year not only because of the joyful atmosphere and the food trip. It is a time for celebration together with the most significant people in your life. Most of all it is the time to remember the birth of the One and Only Savior, Jesus Christ.

In connection with that, we all gotta look our best, because that's when we get to dress ourselves with the coolest outfits! am i right? oh I believe so. Not only that, it is when we can experiment with our makeup looks without any too much restrictions, when it comes to sheer,shimmer and glittery makeup, except for those who are already in their 60's of course. No offense to those who are already in that age.

Here are some simple tips to make your make up stand out. I call it Blush and Glow :

1. Start of with a clean face. Make sure you've done your CTM (cleansing ,toning, moisturizing).
After doing your CTM, apply and blend your foundation on your face and neck. Do not leave any skin untouched. Conceal under eye circles, blemishes and red splotches. Remember to achieve a fabulous makeup look, your skin should be flawless.

2. After finishing up with your eye makeup, Apply a nude pink blush on to the apples of your cheeks, then blend it upwards to your temple. To make it more appealing have the glow effect, by swiping a golden brown shimmer powder on your cheekbones blending it up again towards your temple. Do remember to blend well, to achieve the Blush and Glow effect.

3. Another way to pull of this kind of make up look is, With your blush brush, pat it on a light pink blush, then pat it on a shimmery earth brown colored blush or eyeshadow.Tap off the excess, then swipe it on gently on the apples of your cheek blending it upwards towards the temple.

Important reminder: Set your make up with loose powder.
Blend Blend Blend
Go easy on the shimmer powder to avoid looking like a Disco ball or a light
In sporting this avoid strong makeup colors.

Besides having Sparkling eyes, you may want to try out the Blush and Glow look.