Monday, September 29, 2014

Eyeshadow Types

A makeup newbie sometimes find it hard to buy an eyeshadow. Due to the simple reason that there are a lot of choices,and it can be confusing. There are various eyeshadow types to choose from,and if someone is just starting to wear an eyeshadow to make her look more defined and attractive,she has to know what particular eyeshadow type suits her.

I am going to site examples of different eyeshadow types here,wherein you can be guided accordingly before purchasing an eyeshadow. The information stated here can help to avoid wasting money in eyeshadow shopping.

Eyeshadow Types to consider:

1. The Matte finish Eyeshadow : This Eyeshadow type is, free of glitter and shimmer. It is dry in texture and it is always packed as a cake powder. It is best worn during daytime events, such as corporate events, Weddings, Photo shoots and Luncheon meetings. The matte finish eyeshadow, is best suited for women who are already in their golden years.

2. The Prism/Prismatic Eyeshadow: This eyeshadow type is my latest favorite because, It is  versatile. It is highly pigmented and yet not too loud when applied, therefore it can be worn during the day and night. It is packed as a cake powder but then it is cream or mousse like when applied on to the skin. It suits all skin types too.

3. The Eyeshadow Cream Pencil: This can be compared to the versatility of the prism eyeshadow and another quality of this eyeshadow is, it is handy.

4. Then the last but not the least among my recommendation is the Loose eyeshadow powder: Teenagers and young adults dig this eyeshadow type. Because it is shimmery and glittery too. This is best worn for a night out and parties.

The Brands Featured Here Are:

I. Matte Finish
Everbilena Eyeshadow Kit
Monaliza Series

II. The Prism Eye shadows
JE' Color
 Kiss Beauty and  Bellespa

III. The Eyeshadow Cream Pencil
JE' Color

IV. The Loose Eyeshadow Powder