Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lavender and Black Soft Smokey Eye

I love it! when Ber months come. This is when people are already starting to have Christmas day countdown. One of the exciting part when Christmas is coming soon, is the new makeup trends for the happiest season of the year. Surely you ladies out there, are all excited to know what is the best makeup style to try now and until the Christmas season comes.

I've done this makeup style just today, when I went to church and had lunch with my hubby afterwards. I decided to put it up here because, I like to share  how I came up with this style to my blog visitors and friends. This look is not complicated at all in fact if you are into makeup for quite a while now, it is easy as ABC or 123!

Here are the steps on how to recreate the Lavender and Black Soft Smokey Eye:

1.Always remember to make your skin look fresh, clean and even by applying a good quality makeup base. I applied a creamy pressed powder,starting on the T-Zone and then blended it well, because no one likes to look like the corpse's bride right? :-) And then I applied it on the rest of my face down to the jawline and upper portion of my neck.

2.Now for the fun part which is also my favorite,whenever I put makeup on. The eyeshadow application. Using my pointed tip sponge applicator,I swiped and blended a luminous Lavender e/s from the roots of my upper eyelids till it reaches beneath my eyebrows. Now to make my eyes look dramatic,using the same sponge tip applicator, I patted a charcoal black powder e/s on the 3/4 outer corner of my eyes and then patted it with a powder puff to diffuse the sharpness of the black color to make it suitable for daytime too. Lastly to make it look sparkly I applied the luminous Lavender e/s on the inner corner of my lower lids and then lined the entire lower lids with the charcoal black e/s. I applied 2 thin coats of Black mascara due to it's thick texture.

3.I swiped a bright pink blush on the hollows of my cheeks and then highlighted it with a moist brightening powder ball in Gold Caviar.

4.To complete the look, I swiped a nude peach toned liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick is thick and long lasting, that is why it looks dark on the photos.

The Tools for the Lavender and Black Soft Smokey Eye look are:
1. Fashion 21 pressed powder
2. Meis Eyeshadow professional makeup artist pallet
3. Bellespa Eyeshadow Pallet number 5
4. Aily(Gibilinay) Eyeshadow and Blush kit number 1 ( Not included on the photo)
5. Maybelline Magnum Mascara (Not included on the photo)
6. Kiss Beauty 24 hours Lip gloss with Vitamins C/E

The list of beauty tools written here, are just part of the information of my tutorial. You do not have to purchase the same products which I used here, to come up with this make up style. Do use the makeup which you already own.