Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Makeup brands Made in China

 Make up made from mainland China, became popular in the Filipino bargain  malls in the late 90's. It was a former co- volunteer church worker, who introduced me to the makeup products which are made in China.I trust my co-volunteer's recommendation because she is the type of person who is not easily convinced,unless she tried it herself. Therefore I asked her where she bought the make up she showed me. And then  she was kind enough to give me the directions,where to buy it. When I reached the mall to buy the makeup made in China, I really had a field day! I bought lipsticks and eyeshadows. From that time on until now, whenever I go to bargain malls, specialty shops, beauty supply stores and beauty bazaars, I purchase a makeup product made in China. No matter I've heard negative reports about their products, I wasn't bothered since I found out myself, that their products are good and easy on the budget. The makeup products made in China are also available in different parts of the globe. Like Malaysia,Saudi Arabia and in some parts of Europe.

Here are the lists of Makeup brands which are made in China that I purchased:
1.Qianyu eyeshadow pallet
 2.Aily  makeup kit
 3. Bellespa eyeshadow pallet
 4. Meis eyeshadow pallet
 5.Miss Beauty moisture lipstick
 6.Heng Fang Mascara
 7.Romantic Beauty Magazine
 8. Je' Colors

 The brands which are made in China that are included on this list are currently available in the market. Do not be scared to give it a try grab one now!