Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Purple N' Blue Eye Makeup Look

I have a makeup pal,her name is Toni. She loves to wear colored eyeshadow and dark colored lipstick. Making her wear light makeup would be a complete torture. I admire her boldness when it comes to makeup application.She is not afraid to experiment new looks. And to add to that, she is also my makeup sponsor every now and then . I am certain that when I share this eye makeup look to her,she'll love it.

The makeup tools I used to come up with this look are as follows:

1. Aquamarine Blue, Deep Purple cake cream e/s and frosted white from Qianyu New Attraction 12 color Pallet.
2. Maybelline Magnum Mascara
3. Brownie Rose Blush shade from Monaliza series Professional Makeup. 
4. Aido # 6 mini lipstick

The Purple N' Blue eye makeup look is  not complicated to do.Here are the steps to re create this look:

After  applying makeup base, I applied the Aquamarine Blue from the inner corner of my upper lid up to the center. And then I followed it up with the Deep Purple from the outer corner up to the center,without overlapping the two colors. For highlight, I applied frosted white on my eye crease blending it up beneath my eyebrows.I lined my lower lash line with the same deep purple e/s using a slim tip brush. I finished the look with one generous coat of black volumizing mascara.

I complemented the Purple N' Gold eye makeup look with an earthy pink cheek color and a medium toned moisture purple lip color.

Wearing Purple N' Blue eyeshadow shouldn't scare off the minimalists, because it is also interesting to try
this kind of makeup look.