Saturday, July 25, 2009

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Being beautiful is not only about makeup, it is about how a woman sees herself. Unfortunately most women and young ladies permits the society to require how they are suppose to look. It is very prevalent that beauty is based on what the society say. The social norm about beauty is,the world tells you what it means to be beautiful, until you learn to appreciate yourself and Embrace your Natural beauty,that is the only time you shall see yourself as beautiful.

To embrace your natural beauty is not only learning the proper technique in makeup application. It is making a decision of loving and being appreciative of yourself . I am not denying the fact that physical beauty is vital, I have nothing against being vain or being conscious of how you look all the time. What I am stressing here is that, A woman should not be dictated and get pressured to look different.

A woman should see herself as beautiful.She should find means to boost her self confidence by feeding her mind with inspiring thoughts, Befriending godly people,doing excellently in her field, most of all being connected with The One and The Only Great Creator.

To embrace your natural beauty is also about beautifying the heart and the mind.