Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Enhance the Natural Beauty

All women have God given beauty. Now we have a responsibility to do our part, to enhance our natural beauty. The greatest contributing factor is our lifestyle. Makeup can definitely do magic but it is not enough if we do not take care of our bodies and skin properly.

First and foremost lemme enumerate the things we should avoid:

1.Smoking - The nicotine formulate a yellow coating on the teeth making it look dirty and unhealthy.
- We all know for a fact that it is very detrimental to our health.
- It darkens the color of our lips. It will surely give us a hard time finding the best lip color.

2. Alcohol Binging - It dries up the skin.

3. Not getting enough sleep. - Lack of sleep formulates dark shadows under the eyes and the most hated eye bags.

4. Going to bed without removing the makeup - we need to clean up our face before going to bed. Our skin needs to breath. Makeup should stay on the face for only a period of time, or else it will irritate the skin.

5. Buying products that is not beneficial for us.

6. Unbalanced diet.

Here are the things to enhance the natural beauty

1. Get enough sleep - when we have enough sleep, we are energized and much more alert. Our eyes look brighter. It sparkles.

2. Drink water,juices and ice tea - It improves digestion and it rejuvenates the skin. ( I based it on my own experience. I am sharing it with you. )

3. Do the CTM - Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Even if you are an excellent makeup artist in your own right but if you do not do the CTM, even occasionally, your makeup will not produce a spectacular result, because it will not blend well on your facial skin.

4. Buy skin care products suitable for your skin type and buy makeup that is suitable for your skin tone and skin type as well. Take note that the makeup you purchase is hypoallergenic .

5. Choose a diet plan that is personally effective.

6. Clean and remove makeup before bedtime. You may use baby wipes in removing your makeup.

7. Quit binging in alcohol and chain smoking that is detrimental to your health.

To enhance the natural beauty is not only about makeup application and buying the right makeup. It is choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

To enhance the natural beauty is to improve the way you look not change it.

To enhance the natural beauty means to improve your outlook in life not only the way you look.