Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to have natural looking makeup

The primary factor on how to have a natural looking makeup is having a smooth and even skin.
Always remember that the face is like a flawless canvass. In attaining this, the first thing you have to do is to apply a makeup primer. You may use a concealer as a primer any formulation can work well, whether it is stick, cream and liquid concealer.

Apply concealer on your T-Zone then blend it in an upward motion using a sponge of good quality or a foundation brush with synthetic bristles. Proceed with foundation to even out skin, do not leave out the neck and ears. Demarcation line is no good. Lastly dust your face with translucent powder before you start with the color shading.Take note go easy on the foundation it should not be heavy.

Here are important pointers to keep in mind:

a.) Apply makeup primers that are suited for your skin tone.

b. ) Blend cream or liquid base with powder to bring about the flawless finish we are after. Apply and blend the cream or liquid foundation then finish it up with powder.
c.) Choose Browns and Neutral colors for the eye makeup. 

Do take note that, less is more is the principle of this makeup look.Therefore go easy on the eye makeup.
d.) Opt for peach and apricot cheek color.If you like a brighter cheek color, opt for a peach/coral, instead of bright pink.
e.) For the lips a soft orange and a chocolate pink looks really good...
These are the steps in attaining a natural makeup look. In exactly following these steps, A natural looking makeup  will be attained.