Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Makeup Look

Natural beauty does not necessarily mean, you go bare faced because there is such a thing called the "No  Makeup look". It is a makeup style with minimal application resulting to an elegant you.

Many women out there, especially the teenagers wanted to look like somebody they are not. Our pop culture has a very strong influence of how everyone should look. We should all be reminded, we are already beautiful the way we are, as God created us, but we also have a responsibility in embellishing or amplifying our best facial features with No  Makeup Look style.

Identifying the best facial feature is important because it is the focal point of this particular makeup look. For example the eyes is the most attractive part of the face, that's what we should focus on. Choose an eyeshadow that will complement the natural eye color. If the eyes are blue, eyeshadow with purple hues are terrific. Earth tones can work well too. If the eyes are brown any color works well. Now the cheeks and lips should be low key.
Take Note: Since this is a no makeup look, Apply eyeshadow lighthandedly.Remember the purpose is to embellish or accentuate the eyes not to change how it looks. Avoid black eyeliner for this type of makeup style. Opt for dark brown instead. For the mascara do likewise.

If the lips is the most attractive part of the face then the lips should be the focal point keep the rest low key. For the no makeup look, the lip colors are shades of brown, Tan, Nude,Peach and Pink with a brown and nude undertone.

If the cheekbones is prominent, apply peach, Tan or brownish pink blush on and apply a little highlight just right above the blush on. Blend well to achieve a healthy glow.

To achieve a flawless makeup, choose a foundation and a concealer that matches your natural skin color. Choose a yellow based foundation. Go easy on the powder to avoid looking too cakey or fake.

It is advisable to wear a matte finish makeup or prism e/s for the no makeup look. Cream based makeup and liquid makeup can work well too.

Avoid frosted or glittery makeup for this particular look.