Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Makeup For Weddings

Most often than not, women are always looking forward to attend weddings no matter how far the wedding is going to be held,what type of ceremony is it going to be. Weddings have always been an exciting event in a woman's life regardless whatever part she plays. Whether she is part of the entourage or one of the well wishers, Indeed she would really like to look fabulous on that day.

Makeup for Weddings may seem complicated but when you follow the simple steps I am going to give you, well your good to go.

Let me inform you what to avoid in Makeup for Weddings:

1. Avoid trendy makeup style. Makeup for weddings should be classic and sophisticated.
2. Avoid wearing electric blue, Bright Yellow,Hot Pink eye shadows etc.
3. Avoid Lipsticks that are too dark.
4. Avoid blushers that will make you look like as if you've been slapped on the face.

Here are the things you ought to do in Makeup for Weddings:

1. Do wear earth toned eye shadows. But if you desire to expand your color choices, you may wear purple hues,Pinks and metallic shades such as golden brown, bronze,silver gray and platinum. You may like to wear greens and corals but choose a matte formulation or not too frosted.
2. Do choose a lip color in the natural shade of pink.
3. Do wear a blush on in the shade of peach, pink, light brown or tan.
4. Do wear a dark brown eyeliner instead of black which can look very heavy.
5. Do curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara to make your eyes look more sparkling.

For the step by step application:
After cleaning and moisturizing the face, Apply a makeup primer light handedly on your T-Zone blend well. Then apply a liquid foundation only on the parts that needs coverage then blend. To set the makeup dust a loose powder.

Note: Make sure that you groomed your eyebrows.
Apply a medium tone of the eyeshadow of your choosing on the lower lids up to the brow bone. Follow it up with the darkest tone of the eyeshadow of your choosing on your eye crease swiping it with the use of the eyeshadow shading brush from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye crease. Then to add drama on your eyes, apply the lightest color on the middle of the upper eye lids blending it up to the eye crease. Apply the same lightest color just beneath the brow bone. Curl lashes and add 2 coats of dark brown mascara.

Apply a brown pink blush on from the apples of your cheeks up to the hairline. Highlight it with a satin pink blush on your cheekbones blend well.

Note: Make sure that your lips is moisturized before putting on your lipstick.

Apply lip color that is complementary to your blush on.

Use oil blotting paper or tissue instead of piling up face powder when your face gets oily.

I am confident that these tips I gave can help you to look fabulous.

Makeup for Weddings is my most favorite. Watch out for my second installment on this subject matter.