Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Camouflage Makeup

On my previews blog posts I always emphasized on appreciating ourselves and enhancing our natural beauty. I discouraged trying to look like someone you're not, but it is also understandable that there are imperfections we like to conceal. As a makeup artist I see to it my clients are going to look flawless and they will stand out after I do their makeup. It is my passion to transform regular looking women into lovely and elegant ladies without looking overly done.

It is important to know what imperfections to conceal. The most common are the under eye circles or under eye dark shadows, red blotches and pimples.

The camouflage makeup is very substantial in achieving the natural beauty makeup look. Before applying the eyeshadow,blusher and lipstick the face should appear flawless.

Now the camouflage is not complicated as it seems as long as you know the correct makeup base(foundation and concealer) for your skin tone and skin type.

For women with very fair complexion, the recommended makeup base are: Ivory, Sand, Natural and Light Beige . (please note I am not endorsing any products here. I am sharing what shades are suitable for women with fair complexion.)

For women with an olive or medium complexion, the recommended makeup base are: , Warm Natural, and Beige.
shades are suitable for women with olive or medium complexion.)

For women with dark complexion or mulatto, the recommended makeup base are: Mocha, Warm Beige and Almond.
( please note I am not endorsing any product brand here. I am sharing what shades are suitable for women with dark complexion.)

I have written what shades suits different skin tones. Let's go to the skin types.

Oily skin. Liquid, Cream, Gel and Cake powder foundation works well. Do take note powder foundation is essential during the summer.

Dry skin. Liquid, Cream and Gel foundation are highly recommended.

Combination skin. The same as with oily skin.

Normal skin. all formulation works well.

We already know what shades and formulation of the makeup bases to be used in creating a flaw less face.

Here are the simple steps to camouflage facial imperfections:

Under eye circles - dab a concealer on the dark circles and blend the concealer on the whole lower lids. Then pat a yellow powder or a very light green sheer powder to completely disguise the dark circles under the eyes. In doing this you make your eyes look sparkling and bright.

Red blotches and pimples - simply pat green concealer or green powder on the area where you have red blotches and pimples then blend well with a foundation.

Important Note: Be sure to dust with loose translucent powder after applying the foundation and concealer. It is for staying power and it makes the makeup blend well on the skin.