Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day to Night makeup in golden brown eyeshadow and orange brown lipstick

Creating a day to night makeup look, can be quite difficult especially for those, who are just beginning to learn the basics of makeup application. Most often, a beginner only does a daytime makeup and then when she has an evening event, what she does is redo her makeup. We all know that takes too much valuable time.

Now there is no need to get stressed out  in creating a day to night  makeup look.
Just follow the simple steps I'm going to show you and your good to go.
Do take note that whenever you put on makeup, always do the CTM. The CTM means: Cleansing,Toning and Moisturizing. However, if your skin type is oily, you may skip the last part which is moisturizing....

Day to Night  makeup steps to follow:

1. For the eyes, the most versatile color aside from black is brown. To create a day to night time makeup look, consider the color shades, you are going to use.  For this look, I recommend a natural golden brown E/S applied from the lash roots up to slightly beyond the crease. Then apply a wheat ( a gold vanilla shade) E/S underneath the brow for high light. For the final touches, thinly line your upper and lower lids with either of these 3: a black powder shadow, gel liner or liquid liner, using an eye liner brush to make it more precise. Follow it up by curling your lashes and applying neither a lengthening or volumizing mascara.
IF you have bushy eyebrows, groom it with a tweezers or with an eyebrow shaver.

2. Enhance your cheekbones by swiping an apricot shade blush on to your cheekbones blending it towards your hairline.

3.  The lip color you  put on, must be carefully chosen due to the lip color you wear on the day to night time look, can neither make or break the appeal of your makeup look. 
That's why,  ought to choose an orange brown or if you like to go more natural, put on a nude peach lip color instead.

Coming up with a day to night time makeup look, shouldn't be stressful  but  joyful....

The products I've worn for the day to night time makeup look are as follows:
1. A&W two way powder
2. Qianyu  12 prismatic eyeshadow palette.( I added the word prismatic due to the texture of the e/s.)
3. Monaliza mono blush color
4. Aily eyeshadow and blush palette
5. Aido mini lipstick in number 12

 6. Meis 10 color eyeshadow palette
 7. Fashion 21 Mascara ( Not included in the photos)