Thursday, January 16, 2014

J.Lo American Idol Season 13 Inspired Makeup Style

J.Lo's back in American Idol season 13!! the number 1 attention getter in that talent search show is the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. She always reinvents herself since the day she started, as one of the judges in AI. I think all the viewers of American Idol are glued to their television screen just to gaze and admire her beauty.
J.Lo at 44 hasn't showed any evidence that she has aged! indeed this woman is very beautiful.
I'm very certain that you love to get her makeup look in American Idol Season 13. Therefore I've done an easy to follow steps on how you can recreate J.Lo's look in AI season 13. However this is my personal interpretation of Jennifer Lopez's look in AI season 13. We  don't look exactly alike, I didn't try hard to look like her. The purpose of this tutorial, is to achieve a comparative look of J.Lo in American Idol Season 13.

We all now J.Lo's makeup is always flawless and it has a healthy glow. Here are the steps to achieve that:
1. Conceal under eye circles and other facial unwanted spots with a cream concealer then blend well.
2. Apply liquid foundation with a shade that is almost like your natural skin tone.
3. With a use of a powder brush apply an orange toned powder on your face to create a tannish skin finish but not too much.

To achieve J.Lo's expressive eyes:
1. Apply a silver gray E/S on the lash line up to the crease.
2. With a swiping motion, apply a charcoal gray E/S on the crease starting from the outer corner to the inner corner .
3.Highlight the brow bone with platinum white E/S.
4. With an angled brush or pointed tip brush, slightly dampen your brush with water and dip it in jet black powder E/S or cake eyeliner. line your upper and lower lash line near the lashes.
5.Groom your eyebrows then apply a natural brown shade of brow powder or brow pencil.
6.Curl your lashes then apply a volumizing and lengthening mascara in any color you prefer. If you wish to add false eyelashes, do so.

To have a natural sun kissed glow like J.Lo
Apply a rosy pink on to the apples of your cheeks then follow it up with a glitter powder on your cheek bones.

To finish the look: Apply a natural pink lipstick. You can try this technique as well. Apply concealer on your lips and then apply a bright red shade of lipstick then top it with a clear gloss.

My personal take on J.Lo's American Idol Season 13 inspired Makeup Style:

 The image below are the tools I used to recreate the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez's look:

 Jennifer Lopez's different makeup  looks gives American Idol viewers to get more excited in watching the show. I hope those who gets to read this post will enjoy it too and learn from this tutorial.