Thursday, January 2, 2014

Makeup Issues(Makeup Brand Snobs)

The typical mindset of a makeup snob consumer is,
when the brand is expensive, the quality is good. When the makeup brand is inexpensive, it is scary to purchase it, because it might cause skin breakouts, allergic reaction on your skin etcetera etcetera... Let me tell you, the quality of the makeup is not only found in it's brand name. Because even though you bought a high end brand it cannot be concluded that it's good, until you've tried it on your face. According to the Icon in the beauty industry, Mr.Fanny Serrano, there are many unrecognized cosmetic brands that are very good, when applied on the facial skin. I agree with Mr.Fanny Serrano, because as a makeup aficionado, I have tried and tested a variety of makeup brands. From High End brands, High Street Brand and even unrecognized brands which can only be purchased from a local specialty store and beauty supply shop. Surprisingly the quality of the unrecognized brands are equally satisfying for me. Here are the 2 factors that you ought to consider before labeling the quality of the makeup: 1.Do you wear makeup regularly? There are women, who seldom wear makeup,that causes initial skin irritation when makeup is applied on their face. 2.Is your skin highly sensitive? There are women who's skin are highly sensitive, therefore they cannot wear makeup constantly and they have to choose what type of makeup products to purchase. Here are the basic makeup issues to deal with. But it doesn't have to be a reason to stop enjoying the variety makeup brings.